This feeling will keep you from getting too steep during your swing

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A steep angle of attack is a swing flaw that plagues many golfers, but this feeling can help fix the issue for good.

I have a confession to make: I’ve become obsessed with Tik Tok. Scrolling through easily digestible videos of cute animals and silly dances to catchy tunes has become a part of my daily routine, and I’m surely losing brain cells as a result.

However, there is some value hidden on that silly little app. And there’s even some videos that can help you improve your golf game. (Check out our full list here.) Exhibit A: This gem I found from PGA pro Joe Meglen.

A steep swing plane is one of the most common faults among recreational golfers, and this video gives an excellent tip for how to shallow it out.

Turning through the ball is a key component of a solid swing, but as this video points out, too much turn can be a bad thing. Spinning too early makes the swing plane far too steep, and makes for an out-to-in swing path.

To fix this issue, Meglen shows that you need to feel like you’re shifting your weight down and into your front foot during the transition. Doing this helps keep your shoulders closed longer and does not allow the shaft to get steep on the downswing. Instead, the club comes from the inside and creates more solid contact.

It turns out Tik Tok isn’t all bad.


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