This straightforward tip will instantly cure your chipping woes

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Try this easy tip to cure your chipping woes.

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For most short shots around the green, you don’t want the club’s leading edge to dig into the turf. The bounce angles on your wedges are designed to help you avoid digging, but if you’re hitting chips and pitches with the handle shoved forward (like many have been taught to do), you lose most — if not all — the bounce. This makes it hard to catch the ball crisply, and much easier to hit a flub or a skull.

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Hitting your chips with the shaft leaning forward negates your wedge’s bounce, making it less forgiving. Try a more vertical shaft orientation instead. Angus Murray

Instead, consider a more neutral setup with the shaft either vertical (or barely forward) at address. You may fear blading the ball with a straighter shaft orientation at first, but in reality, the leading edge is still well under the equator of the ball.

If you still prefer to play chips with the handle forward, at the very least, point the clubface to the right. This will maintain the bounce and prevent the club from digging and help you hit cleaner, more consistent shots around the green.

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