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Back to Basics: How to develop the bump and run as your go-to shot

January 29, 2020

One of the keys for having a consistent short game is developing a go-to shot that you can rely on around the greens. An easy go-to shot to develop and have in your bag is the bump and run.

Instructor Nathalie Filler recommends this shot because of the simplicity and relative ease with which you can pull the shot off. The ball does not leave the ground for very long and reacts like a putt for much of its journey toward the hole.

“It’s a super simple shot, and should be very easy to execute, which is why it should be your go-to shot around the green,” Filler says.

When setting up, you should set up your feet close together and the ball position should be just a touch behind the center of your stance. Once you are comfortable in your stance, lean the club forward toward your front leg, similar to a forward press with the putter, which will deloft the club.

You should lean your weight onto your front leg and take some practice swings when ready. The stroke should be quite small, very similar to your putting stroke. With the abbreviated swing, it is easy to get consistent and solid contact around the greens. The ball will come out low and be on the ground quickly, making it much easier to judge than a higher pitch or chip shot.

“If you can get good at this shot, it will definitely help you shoot lower scores,” Filler said.

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