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Top 100 Teacher: 3 simple steps to hitting a low flight, high-spin pitch

July 29, 2019

Golf is a game of misses, and sometimes those misses can leave you in some pretty precarious spots, like a pitch shot from a short-sided lie with a forced carry to the green.

Tough? You bet, but it doesn’t mean automatic bogey or worse.

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Too many golfers reach for their lob wedge first, thinking loft is the answer. Sometimes, however, the best option is a lower shot, especially if there’s an overhanging tree or other obstacle to deal with, like I have here.

The key is to ensure that the ball grabs once it hits, because it’s coming in low and semi-hot.


  1. Position the ball back in your stance, with your hands slightly ahead of the ball and your stance open (to restrict your hip movement).
  2. There’s very little hand action. Keep your wrists solid.
  3. Make an aggressive turn back and through with your chest.

Think of your torso as your swing engine. Doing so keeps the clubface square from start to finish, the secret to creating shot-stopping backspin. It’s an easy technique that can bail you out of trouble when times are tough.

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