Rules Guy: Can I use a mark on my ball to help line up my tee shots?

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What constitutes legal alignment off the tee?

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In the middle of our season-ending amateur tournament, it was brought to my attention that my teeing technique may be in violation of the rules. When placing my peg in the ground, I put my right foot behind the ball to help me set up the ball’s alignment-aid line on my intended line. I step straight back, double-check, repeat the process if a fix is needed, and then take my shot. Am I a lawbreaker or in the clear? —Scott Higginbotham, via email

If you’re just standing behind the ball and using your shoe to check the ball’s alignment, Scott, that’s okay.

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If instead you’re creating some kind of mark on the ground that’s helping you align the ball and/or take your stance, you’re violating Rule 10.2b(3) — the upshot of which is that players are responsible for aligning themselves, and the penalty for which is the general penalty: two strokes in stroke play and loss of hole in match play. That’s almost as bad as having two left feet.

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