Rules Guy: Can I use a rubber, driving-range style tee during a round?

September 10, 2019
Rubber tee

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I play year-round here in Colorado. Come winter, it can be hard, and sometimes impossible, to get a tee in the ground, so I use a rubber tee like the ones at driving ranges. Is this permissible — and, if so, is it permissible year-round? I like that the ball is always the same height at address, and my drives are more consistent as a result. —DEAN MARRACCINI, NIWOT, COLO.

You want to know where the rubber meets the road, Rules-wise. As long as your rubber tee doesn’t exceed four inches in height, it’s perfectly acceptable to use, regardless of the ground conditions. Keep burning rubber on those tee shots and you might just turn into a trendsetter.

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