Scared of chipping? Master the Texas wedge with this drill, says Top 100 Teacher

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Cameron McCormick shares a putting drill for players who use the Texas wedge rather than chipping from off the green

The Texas wedge can be a solid tool when you just don't trust your chipping.


For anyone out there who consistently struggles with their chipping, you know how deflating it can be to a round.

Personally speaking, I’m in a mini slump at the moment, lacking some touch when using a wedge — which makes it extremely difficult to finish off holes for birdie or par putts that aren’t 30 feet away from the hole.

If this is something you can relate to, it might be time to ditch the wedge and grab your putter when you’re just off the green. Yes, I’m suggesting you use the notorious Texas wedge.

So what is a Texas wedge?

In today's Play Smart, GOLF Top 100 Teachers explained what the "Texas wedge" is, and answer questions about when players should use it
What is a ‘Texas wedge,’ and when should you use it? Top 100 Teachers explain
By: Nick Dimengo

It’s when a golfer decides to putt from off the green, rather than risk chunking or skulling their shot with a wedge. We see Tour players do this at times — especially at links courses like Royal Liverpool, which hosted this year’s Open Championship.

While using a Texas wedge can be a great alternative option for players when they lack the confidence with a proper wedge, it requires a player to have superb touch with their putter.

From understanding how to read greens to having above-average distance control, putting from off the green takes practice to build up your muscle memory.

To help you establish that, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Cameron McCormick shares an easy drill that you can use to master the Texas wedge. So give his tips a look and see if using a putter from off the green can be your new secret weapon!

Try this to master the Texas wedge

As mentioned, just diving into using a Texas wedge isn’t the suggested choice. Instead, be sure to head to the practice green prior to your next round to give it a go, giving yourself an idea of how long the stroke should be and how to find the perfect distance control.

In order to do this, McCormick has an easy drill that every player should try.

“I want you to move onto the green, where this shot becomes a true putt,” he says. “I want you to rehearse the amount of speed that you were using to get that ball, once it becomes a true putt, to the hole.

Titleist staff member Ryan Hager demonstrates how a simple long distance putting drill can help golfers improve their touch on the greens
Improve your speed control with this easy long-distance putting drill
By: Nick Dimengo

After getting a feel for the motion from up top on the green, McCormick now says to keep that same motion and stroke length as you move back to where your ball is off the green. If you can duplicate the same stroke, you’ll see success with the Texas wedge.

“I want you to step back, and I want you to rehearse the amount of swing to get it to that point with that much speed.”

While every player wants to make the putt, it’s important to remember that anything from that distance is a challenge. So McCormick reminds players to simply try and get the ball within a yard of the hole.

“Good enough speed to get up top, and it nestles down about three or four feet below it [the hole].”

By rehearsing your putt from up top and then keeping that same motion when off the green, your Texas wedge can become a tool for you to shave strokes. This will also help build your confidence in the short game. It’s a win-win!

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