Training Aid of the Week: The Sight Ball

September 17, 2019

The simple fact of which part of the golf ball you look at is surprisingly important. A recent study we highlighted showed that when standing at address and during the swing, highly skilled golfers focus on one very small, very specific part of the ball. The study also indicated that less-skilled players tend to dart their eyes to several parts of the ball and even to the grass surrounding it

Sounds like it’s time you started keeping your eyes on the prize and improving your ball focus. To help you do that, look no further (literally!) than the Sight Ball.

The Sight Ball is a standard-sized ball with six red aiming scopes spread across the entire cover. The company line is that the Sight Ball helps golfers improve F.A.S.T. through better Focus, Accuracy, Stance and Training.

It’s pretty simple: Take your stance and fix your gaze at the scope aiming back at you—and keep it there. Ultimately, your ability to maintain laser-like focus on the scope will translate to real swings made with your regular ball.

You can use Sight Balls on the course, but I like them more as a training aid. They’re perfect for putting around the practice green or the office. With consistent effort you can’t help but ingrain the needed focus skills and transfer them to the course.

The Sight Ball is available in quantities of three ($7.50), six ($15) or 36 ($70).