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Back to Basics: Try this easy drill to help eliminate three and four putts

March 11, 2020

Most amateurs probably think that putting is the easiest part of the game. Closer to the hole, so it’s easier, right? Wrong. While it may be closer to the hole, that makes the margins for error even slimmer.

Luckily, there are simple drills that can help you nail down the fundamentals and make the basics feel easy. Instructor Nathalie Filler joined us to show off a drill to help with that.

“One thing I see a lot of people struggle with when they’re putting is accelerating through the ball too quickly,” Filler says.

Having this quick move in your stroke can make you stroke choppy and make it difficult to gain any consistency.

To work on this, take a handful of golf balls and line them up in the same spot. Then, hit each one of them and see if you can get them to all go the same distance. This will help you control your pace and promote acceleration through contact.

“If you can get really good at this, you’re going to see your distance control improve on the golf course,” Filler says. “You’re going to see less three and four putts, and hopefully you’ll see lower scores.”

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