How to play golf — the basics, according to Me and My Golf

Two golf instructors pose for photo

My and my golf instructors, Piers Ward and Andy Proudman.


Me and My Golf is an online coaching platform with plans for golfers of all levels that’s currently offering a 30 day free trial for new members (Use the code: home30 ).

Piers and Andy have put together a four-week plan called ‘How to Play Golf—The Basics’ to help beginners with the game. This week they’re reviewing concepts regarding grip, aim and stance, and busting a few golf myths. Check out the video below to see what these guys are all about, and head over to their site for more great content.


This video tackles the fundamentals of the game, starting with your aim, stance, and ball position. When you’re lining up your golf shot, make sure to align your body so your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders are all parallel to the target line with your feet shoulder width apart. The ball should be roughly in the middle of your stance depending on your club selection — in the video, Piers is using a 7-iron.

The Grip

The grip is the only part of your body that actually touches the golf club, and it’s what influences the angle of your swing path and the club face itself. When picking up a golf club for the first time, stand straight up with your feet together, point the leading edge of the club straight up, and place the club in the fingers of your glove hand. When you close your hand around the club, you should see all four knuckles and the logo of your glove.

Next, place your other hand below your glove hand so your right thumb is overlapping your left thumb (if you’re right handed) forming a V shape with your index finger. You should see your thumb and two knuckles at this stage. Don’t worry about overlapping or interlocking your fingers if you’re just beginning. Now you can hold a golf club!

Groove a swing arc

Remember, the golf swing is not straight back and straight through like some might say. The club forms an arc around your body as you can see in the below picture, so try to keep that in mind while you’re practicing.

Practice Plan

When practicing, use a tee! Start with the ball teed higher up, and as you get better, lower the ball towards the ground until you don’t need a tee at all. With each practice swing, try to brush the ground with the club.

Also, no need to worry about getting under the ball to get it in the air. Golf clubs have loft built in so you can actually hit down on the ball to hit it up into the air. In fact, you should strike the ball while the club is still descending so you hit the ground after the ball.

Piers and Andy will be back next week with more great tips and tricks for beginners. After these four weeks, you’ll be sure to see fast improvement!


Emily Haas Contributor