Add yards to your game using only the Orange Whip and this simple drill

If you watched Bryson DeChambeau at the Charles Schwab Challenge you probably found yourself in awe of two things. First, his figure — he claims he’s up 40 pounds in 2020. But more importantly, his driver. DeChambeau was hitting bombs off the tee, leading the field in average driving distance. As Michael Bamberger posited, Bryson is blowing away the field in a way we haven’t seen since Tiger Woods in the early 2000s. And as we know from the beginning of Tiger’s career, blowing away the field off the tee can be a strong precursor to blowing away the field on the leaderboard.

The common thread between both big-bodied Bryson and young Tiger is the value of distance. If you’re longer, the course you’re playing becomes easier and in turn, you possess the ability to score better. So if you found yourself looking for clues as to how you can add distance to your game, look no further than today’s Home Practice drill: Tic Toc swings.

To properly execute the Tic Toc swing, GOLF Teacher to Watch Erika Larkin says first, pick up the Orange Whip training aid. This aid, with a weighted, orange ball at the end, provides greater resistance versus a typical driver, strengthening the connective tissue used throughout the swing. Next, lift the ball off the ground as if you were holding a driver at address to begin the drill.

The Orange Whip Trainer

The longest and most popular version, the Orange Whip Trainer provides the greatest feedback for tempo, balance, and swing plane training.

“Start small and grow your swing bigger and bigger until you’ve reached full range of motion,” Larkin says. “The club makes you make a bigger turn and fosters rotation and upper body as you resist against the weight of the club.”

The result, Larkin says, should be a smoother, stronger, longer swing that produces more power off the tee.

“Use this as your pre-round warmup, and if you swing it a little every day, you’ll increase your flexibility over time,” Larkin says.


James Colgan Editor

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