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A fail-proof 4-step grip checklist that can help every golfer

February 28, 2020

There is no “perfect” grip in golf. So much of how you should grip the golf club depends on what you are trying to accomplish in your golf swing. If you look at the top 30 golfers on the PGA and LPGA tours, each of their grips are slightly different. Even though there are many ways to grip the club, there are a few fundamentals that I want new golfers to look for in your grip in order to set you up for success on the course.

1. Grip in the fingers, not the palm

Make sure that the grip is in the fingers of your left hand, not running too much through the palm of your hand. If the grip gets into the palm too much it will make it nearly impossible to use your wrists properly in your swing. Holding the grip in the palms works great for putting (to disable excessive wrist motion) but in the full swing it can be deadly.

2. Spot the warning signs

If you are seeing dramatically shaped shots (right or left) make sure that your grip isn’t too weak or too strong. When the hands get too far one way or the other on the grip it can cause loss of distance and consistency on the course.


3. Align the “Vs”

Make sure your hands are working together. Check that the “V” shape made by your thumb and your hand are pointing in the same direction. If your hands are working in opposite directions. Ideally, the V shapes should be pointing at the right ear (for a right-handed player) for a somewhat neutral grip. You can shift to those pointing at your right shoulder for a stronger grip. Most amateur golfers tend to have too weak of a grip or just a weak right hand.

4. Build a routine

Make it a part of your routine to place your grip on the same way each time on the golf course. Some people step in with their right hand first, some their left. It is important to do it the same way each time in order to be more consistent on the course.


The grip is the only thing we have attached to the golf club, so it is essential that we place our hands correctly. A weaker or a lighter grip will depend on your swing characteristics, so please reach out if you have questions on what that might look like for you and your game.

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