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Jack Nicklaus reveals the ‘most important’ golf swing fundamental

March 10, 2020

There are many important fundamentals to consider when trying to make a solid golf swing, but the most important might be head position. At least, according to Jack Nicklaus, that is.

Who are we to disagree with one of the greatest of all time? He has one of the best head positions in the history of the game — not to mention those 18 major championships — which served as the focal point of his iconic swing.

In the Flashback Jack video below, he takes us through his head position and the way it helps his swing.

“I like to feel as though there was a shaft that came right down through my head and down through the middle of my back,” Nicklaus says. “And I rotated my upper body with my head remaining there, right in position.”

You don’t want your head to be too stagnant, however. The head can turn as you’re swinging, you just don’t want it shifting up and down or side to side as you go through your swing motion.

“If my head goes down, then my weight goes to my toes,” Nicklaus says. “So I have to shift back to my heels. If I move my head back, then all of the sudden, somethings going to have to throw myself out of balance to throw myself the other way.”

Essentially, every move in the golf swing has an opposite reaction. If you move your head one way, something else also moves to compensate and it can throw the swing completely out of sorts.

“The most important thing in the golf swing is to keep your head right there, dead still,” Nicklaus says. “Feel as though there’s a shaft right down through your head and you just keep it right there and revolve around that area.”

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