4 quick and easy tips to add driving distance, from a Hall of Fame coach

Rory McIlroy hits tee shot at 2022 Players Championship

GOLF Hall of Fame Teacher Mike Adams has a few simple pieces of advice that will allow you to add distance without making major swing chages.

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Everyone want to be able to hit a bomb of a drive once in a while. And I have good news for you: You don’t need to change your golf swing in order to do it. By making these four simple adjustments to your setup, you can hit the kind of towering drives that make the game more fun.

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1. Tee the ball higher

Teeing the ball higher will help promote hitting more up on the golf ball. This ascending angle of attack as you swing from low-to-high will take spin off the ball, and help you launch it higher.

2. Close your stance

When you close your stance by dropping your trail foot back a bit, this will make it much easier to turn your body back, creating more potential coil and power. This closed stance also helps to produce a more in-to-out path on the downswing, promoting more of a draw ball flight.

3. Strengthen your lead hand

When your strengthen your lead hand grip by turning it more away from the target, you will be able to see more knuckles on that hand. This will help increase your ability to release the club naturally through the forward swing to transfer maximum energy to the club.

4. Square your lead foot

When your square your lead foot, assuming you don’t have any major joint limitations, will allow your lead leg to lock up and straighten. This pushing off the ground will also promoting a free release of the club.

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