This 3-step formula will improve your downswing and help you hit high draws

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Cheryl Anderson is Director of Instruction at the Mike Bender Golf Academy in Lake Mary, FL. If you want to hear Cheryl going more in-depth about the move, join our How To Hit Every Shot instruction Facebook group and watch the video.

While there are many similarities in all effective golf swings, one that jumps out to me is the trail arm’s position at impact. For the game’s best players, the trail arm is still bent and underneath the lead arm. This is necessary to reach impact while swinging on the preferred arc from inside the target line. This happens when the golfer’s lower spine shifts laterally towards the target at the beginning of the forward swing. When this occurs, it becomes much easier to deliver the club back to the ball with maximum power.

1. Tilt your shoulders

At set up, tilt your shoulders away from the target while tucking your right elbow into your stomach.

2. Shift forward

At the top of the swing as you begin to start back towards the ball, the bottom of the spine shifts two to four inches toward the target while the trailing shoulder drops. This returns the club back to the ball from inside the target line.

3. Right under left

As you deliver the clubhead back to the ball, the trailing elbow should feel that it is tucked and bent under the lead forearm. Sense that the trailing forearm at impact is below where it was at address. The spine must be angled away from the target.

When this happens the club approaches impact on an arc towards the inside back quarter of the ball and the shaft reaches impact leaning forward. The result is more power from increased pressure into the ball.

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