Say goodbye to your slice for good with this swing thought

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If you struggle with a slice, try this swing thought from GOLF Top 100 Teacher Trillium Rose to straighten things out.

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One of the best ways to groove proper moves in your swing is to forget hard-core mechanics and, instead, use your imagination. Case in point: eliminating an “over-the-top” (and slice-producing) downswing. 

Here, imagine you’re standing in a bar with a row of shot glasses on the counter in front of you. Now, imagine what it’d take to swing one of your irons and break the whole row of shot glasses with one swing. How would you do it? 

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Struggling with a slice? Try this easy drill to fix it
By: Claude Harmon III, Top 100 Teacher

Close your eyes. Picture the bar and the row of shots, and swing away. Pay attention to how your arms are working together. If your trail arm takes over, you won’t clear the bar. Rather, you’ll chop at the counter as if swinging an ax and smash the club into the bar. To shatter all of the glasses, you must keep the shaft parallel to the counter while keeping your shoulders level, continuously rotating your body and letting your lead arm control the action. 

Doing this gives you the feeling of swinging more around your body on the way down. See ya, slice! 

Trillium Rose is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher and is the director of instruction at Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Md.

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