4 things you can learn from 1 picture of Collin Morikawa’s golf swing

Your 2020 PGA Championship winner has a swing to learn from.


Collin Morikawa may have been overshadowed slightly by Oklahoma State standouts Matt Wolff and Viktor Hovland, but theUC Berkeley grad and 2020 PGA Championship winner Collin Morikawa knows how to pack a punch, especially considering his five-nine, 160-pound frame. He’s averaging nearly 300 yards off the tee—a study in the benefits of managing ground reaction forces if there ever was one.

Basically, Morikawa “loads” the ground in transition, then uses that pressure to create speed by jumping “out” of the ground at impact. There’s a certain violence here as Morikawa moves his lead side up and away and aggressively rotates his torso while staying in his side bend—all great things to copy. Here’s how to do it…

Golf.com Photographer