How to control your distance out of a bunker, according to a Top 100 Teacher

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To be a successful bunker player, you need to know how to control your distances from the sand.

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To be a successful bunker player you need to know how to control your distances. This starts by knowing that the amount you open the face at address shouldn’t be determined by how far you are from the hole but, rather, by the type of sand you’re hitting from. Softer, fluffier sand requires an open face to lessen digging, while firmer sand requires a more engaged, leading edge to encourage more digging through the hit. 

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Once the face angle is set based on the type of sand, it should remain constant as you swing. Only the speed of your swing should vary. 

It’s important to make a full backswing to ensure consistent clubhead delivery. As you experiment with different speeds, always envision “throwing” a cushion of sand out to the distance you desire. Regardless, keep your backswing length and face angle constant. 

Jeff Warne is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher and the head golf professional at The Bridge GC in Bridgehampton, N.Y.

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