Add power and accuracy to your shots with this rock-skipping drill

brian mogg demonstrates the rock-skipping drill on golf course

This drill will help you add side bend to your swing.

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Having proper side bend is a key component of a good golf swing. When you sequence your move correctly, you’ll naturally tilt your spine away from the target during the downswing, helping produce solid and consistent contact.

Pros make this move look simple (think Joaquin Niemann or Dustin Johnson). But amateurs? Not so much. If you want to be an elite ball striker, though, it’s important you learn how to get the right amount of side bend.

For more help with that, we turn to GOLF Top 100 Teacher Brian Mogg.

A drill for more side bend

You want to feel like your trail side is getting lower than your lead side during the downswing. In the context of the golf swing, this can feel odd. But all you need to do is imagine you’re skipping a rock.

“You’ve got to get down, get your right side level so your arm can then throw the ball and skip a rock,” Mogg says.

To feel that motion in the context of your golf swing, take your setup with an iron and let your trail arm swing freely away from the club. Then with the free arm, make some practice swings — but don’t move your other arm that’s holding the club.

“I can now feel more side bend, I can feel my right side a lot lower,” Mogg says. “I’m in a position to go ahead and release it.”

Once you get that feeling ingrained, pick up your club and start hitting shots. You should feel your trail side getting the proper tilt, and see increased power and accuracy on your shots.

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