A 4-step guide to hitting an effective low punch shot

low punch

A low punch shot is a useful weapon for every golfer.

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The low punch is a shot every player should have in his or her arsenal.

Not only is it a useful weapon when playing in the wind, it’s also an important round-preservation tactic you can employ to mitigate the damage from a wayward shot, or escape a bad situation.

But to hit an effective low punch, there are a few best practices. I spoke to instructor Gia Liwski at GOLF’s recent Top 100 Teacher Summit at Talking Stick in Scottsdale, Ariz., to get her best advice.

Choose the right club

“I would choose something that’s a little less lofted to keep the ball low and running,” Liwski said. “So maybe go with a hybrid or a 6-iron. It should be something you can manipulate a little bit, and take some of the loft off as well.”

Move the ball back in your stance

The ball should be positioned more toward your trail foot, as opposed to your belt buckle or belly button, Liwski said.

Stabilize your weight distribution

“Move your weight onto your lead leg,” Liwski said. “That way, when I lean forward, my hands and the handle will work with me to de-loft the club a little bit.”

Make a steady arm-swing

“Make a good arm swing, get the club moving back, and stay planed on that lead leg,” Liwski said. “And then, just make sure to accelerate through the golf ball.”

Be aware that this shot will tend to come out hot and will likely run more than usual. Also, Liwski says, pay attention to any forced carries you may face. If you need to get over an obstacle of some kind, you might consider using a club with more loft.

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