FIRST LOOK: TaylorMade’s MG3 wedge is a do-it-all scoring tool

taylormade mg3 wedge

Andrew Tursky

With some of the best players of the world in its Tour stable, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear the likes of Collin Morikawa, Tommy Fleetwood and other high-profile names played a significant role in the development of TaylorMade’s new MG3 wedge ($180). With the unplated raw face technology adding a new level of zip to each wedge, TaylorMade designers took a closer look at a shot that’s critically important to elite players and mid-handicappers alike.

The shot in question? A pitch shot from roughly 10 to 40 yards, a distance that typically requires a significant amount of spin to get the ball to settle next to the hole. While a raw face helps solve part of the equation, TaylorMade found the addition of raised micro-ribs (0.02mm tall and .25mm wide) situated between each groove added just enough spin (200 RPMs around the green) to make Tour pros and amateurs better around the greens.

“It’s one of the areas where most of us don’t have that speed to generate the spin on our own,” said Bill Price, TaylorMade’s senior director for product creation, putters and wedges. “That’s where the Raw face and the micro-ribs come into play. We all need the friction.”

Of course, the micro-ribs are just one of a few smart wrinkles TaylorMade added to its face design. Compared to its predecessor, MG3 boasts a scratch finish on the toe area that’s designed to reduce glare at address, as well as a first groove that was lowered slightly — a request that came directly from Tommy Fleetwood — to help with spin and launch consistency

taylormade mg3 wedge

Subtle changes were also made to the overall head shape (more compact), hosel length (lowered up to 10mm in the lower lofts), offset and toe height to ensure, say, the 46-degree — a new loft addition for 2021 — blends seamlessly with the 9-iron for golfers who opt for an MG3 pitching wedge over one from their iron set.

“We went out to the Tour players and started asking questions about shaping,” said Price. “Of course, you get a lot of answers. It’s important to sift through that feedback and come out with shapes and profiles that speak to them, as well as the average golfer.”

The overall look and feel of the 8620 carbon steel wedge head was scaled back as well to give it a clean, minimalistic look.

And while it might not be as noticeable as in years past, the thick-thin mass design was adjusted for each loft (as high as 6.5mm down to 5.5mm on the lower lofts) to pair the correct amount of spin with ideal launch characteristics. Sound and feel were refined as well — a top priority for players of Morikawa and Fleetwood’s caliber.

Just like its predecessor, each MG3 wedge is CNC milled to ensure the leading edge and sole geometry remain consistent from head to head. Four bounces are available: Low Bounce (56, 58, 60 degrees), Standard (46, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 degrees), High Bounce (52, 54, 56, 58, 60 degrees) and a TW Grind (56, 60 degrees) that is only available via custom order.

taylormade mg3 wedges

The Low Bounce (LB) offers a new ski and more relief on the back portion of the toe to allow the club to exit the turf easier, something elite golfers with superb touch will appreciate. A Standard Bounce (SB) features a 1mm wider sole for less dig at impact. Added trailing relief delivers more versatility on open-face finesse shots around the green. With feedback from Collin Morikawa, the High Bounce (HB) includes more camber for a smoother turf interaction. The wedge grind is ideal for golfers with a steep angle of attack who also play in softer conditions.

The TW Grinds are designed after Tiger Woods’ scoring tools, down to the shaping, bounce and turf interaction. The 56-degree wedge has a dual-sole grind with heavy heel relief that offers versatility with an open or closed face, while the 60-degree wedge features leading edge relief to help with turf interaction in firm conditions.

TaylorMade’s MG3 wedge is available Sept. 3 in two finishes (satin raw chrome and satin raw black) with a True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S200 shaft.

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