Ask an Equipment Expert: Should I use a cavity-back or muscleback wedge?

December 5, 2018

Each month, we tap experts from the equipment industry to answer your most commonly asked questions. In this installment, Brian Schielke, marketing director at Cleveland Golf, discusses the difference between cavity-back wedges and muscleback wedges, and explains how to decide which is the right one for your game.

Q. Does a cavity-back wedge provide different performance than a muscleback? How do I know which design is right for me?

Wedges with a cavity back, like our CBX, also feature design elements that enhance performance and forgiveness for a vast range of players, including a wider, more forgiving sole grind.

It’s a huge help when it comes to avoiding dig, whether you’re in the fairway, rough or sand. The slightly larger clubhead is also more user-friendly, and the entire design, at least in the case of the CBX, is aimed at blending more naturally with game-improvement cavity-back irons than a typical blade-style wedge.

The Cleveland CBX wedge features a cavity-back design.
The Cleveland CBX wedge features a cavity-back design.

So while the cavity itself is an important element to consider when selecting a wedge, it’s the overall design you should look at, matching it to the design of your irons (blade wedges with blade irons, cavity wedges with cavity irons).

Also, if you prefer to play square-faced shots around the greens rather than opening and closing the clubface, a game-improvement wedge design is potentially a better option.

— Brian Schielke, Marketing Director, Cleveland Golf