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Why Bryson DeChambeau is using four-year-old PXG 0311 wedges

July 24, 2019

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Bryson DeChambeau was practicing in the Bahamas about a month ago when he happened upon a demo bag with PXG 0311 wedges inside. At the time, DeChambeau was working on taking spin off and lowering launch with his scoring clubs, something the 0311 wedges were able to do as he continued to practice with them.

When DeChambeau arrived in Minnesota for the 3M Open, he had three PXG 0311 wedges (50, 56 and 60 degrees) in the bag that were still there on Tuesday at the FedEx St. Jude Invitational.

“They have duller grooves,” DeChambeau told GOLF.com. “I’m looking for less spin, lower launch and these are working at the moment.”

Jonathan Wall

DeChambeau spent part of Tuesday afternoon testing the PXG 0311 lob wedge against a Cobra King version to see how they stacked up. Both wedges were built at DeChambeau’s usual length (37.5 inches).

On the PGA Tour, PXG’s wedge of choice is the 0311 Milled, which is carved out of a solid block of carbon steel. Every player carries the Milled version on Tour, except for DeChambeau. The 0311 Forged was first released four years ago in 2015.

Jonathan Wall

Because the 0311 Milled version is the wedge option of choice on Tour, Rollins didn’t even think he had Forged stock on the truck until they started digging around and found a handful of wedges in the back of a drawer.

Aside from being a wedge rarely seen on Tour, DeChambeau’s wedges are as stock as they come from a grind perspective — meaning he’s playing something the average golfer could easily pick up off the street. If you’ve ever wanted to use the same wedges as Bryson, here’s your chance.

[Update: A PXG representative confirmed DeChambeau’s 0311 Forged wedges are the same version currently at retail. A previous version of the story stated the wedge had been updated.]

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