FIRST LOOK: PXG’s 0211 Z beginner set, with unique clubs built for distance

PXG 0211 Z beginner set of golf clubs, bag and hat.

PXG's newest set helps high-handicap golfers hit the ball farther and straighter.

Andrew Tursky

Every golfer can benefit from using golf clubs that are specifically suited for their skill level and particular golf swing.

PGA Tour players, for example, have high swing speeds and hit the center of the face quite often. As such, they use drivers that are designed to reduce spin and iron heads that have small sizes to increase precision.

Beginning golfers have majorly different needs. Generally speaking, they have slower swing speeds, hit the ball too low, and struggle to hit the center of the face consistently. Therefore, the less-skilled segment of golfers benefits from very forgiving golf clubs designed to increase launch and spin.

PXG’s new 0211 Z golf clubs are designed specially for beginning golfers who want to hit the ball as high and straight as possible. And they use unique designs to achieve that peformance.

PXG 0211 Z beginner set golf bag.

The clubs are also designed to be purchased as a 10-piece set, which includes an 0211 Z driver, fairway wood, hybrid, hybrid-irons (6-9, PW and SW), an 0211 putter with “reticle runway” technology, a PXG carry bag and a PXG hat.

“We know what beginner and occasional golfers are up against,” said PXG Founder and CEO Bob Parsons, in a press release. “So, we decided to develop a revolutionary product that aligns with their ability. Our testing has shown that these clubs are so good that beginners start enjoying the game with a full bag after just one lesson from their local pro.”

To help beginners achieve the performance they need, the 0211 Z golf clubs combine proven technologies from their flagship products with updated designs targeted at distance and forgiveness.

PXG 0211 Z driver.

The 0211 Z driver features a unique, low-profile crown made of carbon fiber that helps takes weight from the upper portion of the head and shifts overall CG (center of gravity) lower and rearward. This helps increase launch and forgiveness. The driver also has a high-speed face and vibration dampening Honeycomb TPE inserts within the head to improve sound and feel.

PXG 0211 Z fairway wood.

Like the driver, the 0211 Z fairway wood (16 degrees) is made with a crown that shifts weight low for higher launch. It also has a tall face, made of a Ti412 material, to increase speed.

PXG 0211 Z hybrid.

The 0211 Z hybrid has a high-strength HT1770 face, and internal weighting that’s made for maximum forgiveness and ball speed.

PXG 0211 Z hybrid irons.

PXG’s 0211 Z Hybrid-irons feature a unique design that’s packed with technologies to make them as forgiving and high-launching as possible.

They have a notably large profile that’s hollow-bodied to produce big distance, and severe back weighting to improve height on shots hit across the face. The two-toned cosmetic of the irons has a groove between the front and back portions to help define the topline and sole, and the low-and-rearward weighting position of the iron heads is placed strategically for ultimate height and forgiveness.

PXG’s 0211 Z full-bag, 10-piece club set will sell for $1,695, which includes a bag and hat. A three-piece set of 0211 Z woods will sell for $795, and a six-piece hybrid-irons set will go for $795. 

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