Why playing misfit golf clubs is setting you up for some serious frustration

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Welcome to Fit Factor, a new GOLF.com series in which we’re shining a light on the importance of club fitting, powered by insights, data and other learnings from the experts at our 8AM Golf sister company, True Spec Golf.


So many people walk around in dated clothes because, they swear, “I’m going to start a diet soon.” They’d shop in theory for the body they want but won’t in reality for the body they have. 

I face this kind of thing all the time. “I’m not ready for a fitting because first I want to work on my swing… take a few lessons… hit the range… play more golf.”

Here’s the thing: The way your body moves, the motor patterns you have ingrained, are essentially your sequences — your golf DNA.

This 1 stat shows fitting actually matters more for average golfers than pros
By: Andrew Tursky

When you play equipment that doesn’t complement the angles you create and your natural movement patterns, your swing becomes one built around compensations. That means anybody can benefit right now from having a fitting pro look through their bag. Among the almost infinite number of variables (head, shaft, weight, flex, grip size, lie angle…), there will be something(s) that can be tweaked to take what you do well and expand upon it.

“Yeah, but what if I take lessons and change my swing?” Changing a motor pattern, how your body naturally moves and maintains balance, how you change direction and apply load to a shaft — that’s all difficult for better players, never mind average players.

And, like good fitters, most good teaching pros work with, rather than try to reinvent, their clients. 

The strong likelihood is that six months or a year down the road, your motor patterns aren’t going to change very much. What could improve is your consistency and your ability to repeat, i.e., your skill at finding the center of the clubface more often. As a result, those golf clubs I fit you for are only going to respond better as you become a better player. So come on in — now!

Kris McCormack is the VP of Tour and Education at True Spec Golf.

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