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FIRST LOOK: Ben Hogan Golf’s new Icon blade irons

March 17, 2020

In 1953, Ben Hogan — a golfing icon and one of the best swingers of a golf club in the game’s history — founded the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. Throughout the company’s history, its iron designs have become iconic in their own right, so it’s fitting that Ben Hogan Golf’s new 2020 blade iron release is called “Icon.”

The company’s new Icon irons are reminiscent of previous designs from the company’s past, but with a few modern upgrades. They’re also available direct-to-consumer through the Ben Hogan Golf website, meaning they’re relatively inexpensive compared to other blade irons on the current market.

Scott White, the current CEO of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, says the new irons are in line with Hogan’s original vision for his company’s irons.

“Ben Hogan always had exceptionally high standards … especially for his blade iron designs,” White said, in a press release. “We think the new Icon irons would be something he would be proud of. In the hands of accomplished players, they will find the Icon irons offer an unmatched combination of performance, feel and eye appeal as compared to any muscle back blade on the market. This was Mr. Hogan’s mission and we’ve continued that tradition.”

Ben Hogan Golf

The Icon irons, available in both a nickel chrome finish and a Diamond Black Metal (DMB) finish, have everything you would expect from blade irons, including thin toplines, traditional lofts and minimal offset. However, there are a few modern technologies added to enhance performance.

To optimize playability of each individual iron, the Icon irons are designed with what the company calls a “Progressive Center of Mass.” In other words, the short irons have a higher center of gravity (CG) to flight the ball lower with greater control, while the longer irons have a progressively lower CG to launch the ball higher. The weight pads on the back cavities of the irons are designed slightly different with each iron loft, as well.

To enhance forgiveness and turf interaction, the soles of the Icon irons feature the companies V-sole design, which has a high-bounce leading edge section and a low-bounce trailing edge section.

Ben Hogan Golf’s Icon irons (7-piece sets) will be available for $770 in the nickel-chrome finish and $800 in the black finish. Due to delays caused by the coronavirus, the company says pre-orders are starting immediately for the chrome finish and will start orders for the black irons “in the very near future.” A number of steel and graphite shafts are available at no upcharge, and there is free domestic shipping for orders of more than $500.

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