Callaway’s 2023 Apex irons: 5 things you need to know

2024 Callaway Apex Pro iron

Callaway newest Apex Pro iron

Jonathan Wall

Apex is the most recognizable name in Callaway’s iron line and is synonymous with premium performance and precision. Now, after 3-years in the making, the team behind some of the most technology-packed irons in golf is ready to unleash the newest iterations of the Apex line into the world, including two new models and a stand-alone utility.

These are the 5 things you need to know about the all-new Callaway Apex irons and utility.

1. A fresh start

In today’s day and age, to have any single model or family of clubs live for more than 2 years in the marketplace is quite uncommon for most OEMs, but when you have a popular design like the Callaway Apex series and one of the top players in the world using them, you want to make sure things are just right before you create the successor.

2024 Callaway Apex irons
Callaway’s 2024 Apex iron line Jonathan Wall / Braden Reed

For Callaway, that means a total reset for how they defined the Apex series, and with that, they have slimmed down the options, created continuity through the various sets, and eliminated the most game-improvement-focused line, the DCB (deep cavity back).

The new Apex line is concise and offers a mix of new technology with classic shapes and player-driven profiles.

2. Built for the best

Jon Rahm hits shot at Masters
Jon Rahm has used the Apex TCB since he signed with Callaway Getty Images

When you connect the dots, the previous generation Apex came out around the same time as Mr. Jon Rahm joined Callaway’s roster of players and became the unofficial head honcho. Since that time he has gone on to win two majors and reach number 1 in the world, which marks a very nice feather in the cap for both Callaway and Jon.

Jon is one of a group of players who quickly made the Apex TCB the most-played iron model. The team at Callaway used that as the starting point to build out the rest of the line.

From the sole design that flows through each model intended to create the most efficient turf interaction possible, to the refined shaping on the blade irons up to the UT, each aspect was evaluated for final performance.

Callaway Apex CB address 2024
The Callaway Apex CB from address Jonathan Wall

“We did 7 or 8 versions of this sole until we had it perfected,” said Brian Williams, VP of Callaway R&D. “We saw this tour-validated feedback where even when we had the slightest thing off, they could pick it up and tell us how to fix it. We changed that leading edge, the sharper leading edge, and this trailing edge gives a little bit of relief – it glides through the turf.”

3. Technology inside and out

Although the Apex MB is a solid forged club built for high-speed players looking for pure feel and control, the rest of the line offers technology specifically engineered to deliver performance.

The standout is the Apex Pro, which uses two different metals in the face construction to create ball speed in the longer irons while delivering control into the scoring clubs.

“Through extensive testing and development, we found exactly where we wanted a cutoff (from scoring to distance clubs),” Williams said. “The 4 and 5-iron target distance, but as we pivot into the 6-iron through wedges, what we saw was more precision, slightly higher launch, and slightly higher spin.”

4. Choose your adventure

From the new MB blade to the UT utility, the models all share similar design cues that tie them together and offer the needed performance from the top to the bottom of your set.

2024 Callaway Apex irons
The 2023 Apex line offer lots of mix and match potential for combo sets Jonathan Wall / Braden Reed

If you are looking for pure precision, the CB and MB irons offer a small compact profile with thinner soles, while the Apex Pro offers a combination of distance-adding technology in the long irons with a better player-preferred smaller shape in the mid and scoring clubs.

Callaway Apex UT back 2023
Callaway’s new UT utility Jonathan Wall/Braden Reed

In addition, the UT provides 2, 3, and 4-iron replacement options for golfers that want a more confidence-inspiring look on longer approach shots and off the tee.

5. Three models, one price

Whether you’re looking at the Apex Pro, the CB, or the MB — the pricing for the full iron series is the same from top to bottom at $215 a club.

Callaway Apex Iron Series

Starting at $215 per club
The Callaway Apex iron series offers premium technology for premium performance

The only club in the line that comes in at a slightly higher price is the Apex UT utility iron, which comes stock with a graphite shaft and additional shaft options.

All of the new Callaway Apex models go on pre-sale starting August 18th and will be in retail stores starting September 8th.

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