FIRST LOOK: Srixon Z-Star, XV and Diamond balls, plus new Divide

2023 Srixon golf balls Z-star

Srixon 2023 Z-STAR XV golf balls

Srixon Golf

Tour-level golf balls need to check many boxes: greenside spin, distance off the tee, soft feel on touch shots and stability in uncertain weather conditions. Luckily for golfers, Srixon’s Z-Star line has three distinct models — Z-Star, Z-Star XV and Z-Star Diamond — to help golfers find the perfect fit for their games. The Z-Star has the softest feel, the Z-Star XV is the firmest of the three options and the Z-Star Diamond lies somewhere in between.

Here’s a look at each, beginning with the technology within:

Z-Star Technology

Srixon Z-star tech 2023
Inside the new Srixon Z-Star ball. Srixon Golf

Fast Layer DG Core

By refining the process used to make the ball’s core, Srixon is able to gradient the firmness from the center out at a higher rate. This keeps the middle of the core softer, while the outside part of the core becomes firmer.

Who doesn’t love a good muffin? Soft in the middle and progressively firmer with a nice crust on top. Well, the Fast layer DG core of the Z-Star series kinda works like a perfectly baked muffin to deliver a soft feel and high ball speeds at the same time.

Spin Skin+

The final micro urethane coating applied to the Srixon cover creates an extra level of friction to amplify greenside spin on shots hit at lower speeds to boost stopping power.

2023 Srixon Diamond Zstar
All three Z-Star balls feature Spin Skin+ for more stopping power Srixon Golf

“Finding the right golf ball for your game is just as important as finding the right irons or driver,” says Brian Schielke, Srixon’s general manager. “It’s the one piece of equipment you use on every single shot, which is why technological advances like the new Spin Skin+ and FastLayer DG Core give players confidence that their ball is going to react how it should and excel in every category that matters.”

Speed Dimple

The Z-Star balls feature Srixon’s 338 Speed Dimple Pattern to produce less drag throughout the entire flight of the ball for better accuracy and launch control in all conditions, including the wind. The dimple design’s low drag coefficient helps the ball stay on target through its entire flight, including in headwinds as it decreases speed on its descent.

Z-Star Models

The three Srixon Z-Star models are engineered with a thin mid-layer and softest compression of the offerings to put a premium on soft feel and approach-shot spin.

Srixon 2023 XV Ball
Srixon’s 2023 Z-Star VX. Srixon Golf

Whereas Z-Star offers the softest feel, on the firmer end of the spectrum is the Z-Star XV, which has a core that transitions to a firmer outside layer faster to boost ball speeds and increases spin with longer approach iron.

The Z-Star Diamond is the perfect option for players looking for a feel between the standard model and the VX. Its compression sits in the middle to balance distance and greenside spin.

Z-Star Divide

Srixon Z-Star Divide 2023
Srixons Z-Star and XV models both come in the Divide option. Srixon Golf

To round out Srixon’s premium ball lineup, the Z-Star and the Z-Star VX will be offered with the unique 50/50 yellow and white divide cover to provide visual feedback. This cover design can help with putting and shots hit around the green to help players see their spin.

“The visual feedback on its own is one of the most beneficial features of the Divide ball,” Schielke says. “The ability to track your spin in the air and around the greens will help with overall consistency, and with the one of a kind 360° line you’ll be able to see your line more clearly and perfect your roll on the greens.”

How to buy and pricing

All of the balls in the Z-Star line, including the multicolor Divide options, will retail for $47.99 a dozen. The Z-Star, XV and Diamond models will hit stores on Feb. 15, 2023, with the Divide series becoming available on April 14 across North America.

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