Can this posture-improving sports bra also improve my golf game?

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I’ve written about Forme gear before (see here and here) — they’re a clothing company that’s using science and proprietary design techniques to improve people’s posture. Their stuff really works too! In my experience, the shirt works so well that after a while, I have to take it off because it actually feels like a workout to my usually-slouched muscles.

This sports bra, on the other hand, is a little less intense. When I wear it, I can feel my shoulder blades being pulled toward each other. I can feel my back straighten up. But, less so than when I wear the shirt. It’s great to wear during a workout — something I have yet to do with the shirt. Therefore it’s great to wear while playing golf.

Being that it’s January in the northeast, I’ve only worn it to the simulator, but immediately noticed increased flexibility. The greatest part about it is, after wearing it a few times, I’m more aware of my slouch. My muscles are beginning to remember where they’re supposed to be and my posture is improving. How will it impact my score on the course? Only time will tell…

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Forme Power Bra

This posture-correcting sports bra improves spine alignment to increase flexibility and enhance blood flow.
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Emily Haas Contributor