These posture-correcting wearables can improve mobility for golfers

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As you’re sitting at your computer or looking at your phone or tablet reading this article, how’s your posture? Are you a little hunched over? A lot hunched over? Does your back and neck start to ache just thinking about posture? Well, we’ve found a solution to all of those problems: Forme.

It’s a science-backed clothing brand that was invented by Dr. Stephen Liu and uses patented technology — an internal mesh lining that’s stitched in a way that pulls your shoulders back — to ultimately improve posture, increase oxygen intake and promote recovery by opening up the chest.

The results are immediate. As soon as the shirt goes on, your muscles can feel the difference, and that’s the whole point — to engage muscle memory for pain relief and posture training. After consistently wearing an FDA-approved Forme shirt or bra, you’ll begin to notice increased height, extended arm length, accelerated blood and oxygen flow to your muscles and organs, and enhanced mobility and rotation — all of which make this a super helpful product for golfers of any age or ability.

The scientifically proven product will better align your shoulders and spine over time to not only improve your game, but your overall health and wellness too. We’ve linked a couple of styles below for both men and women, so scroll down — and never hunch again.

Forme Polo

This office-appropriate polo is a great alternative if you’re looking for something you can wear on or off the course.

Forme Bra

Wear this bra under your daily look to improve your height and appearance.

Forme Tee

The Forme tee is a crewneck version of their original wearable. It’s great to wear as an undershirt during the day or a sleep shirt at night.

Emily Haas Contributor