7 polos you can wear on the golf course AND out to dinner

Best Golf Polos

Everyone needs a good polo shirt that can be worn on more than just the golf course.


Growing up, I learned to always pack a t-shirt with me whenever I’d play golf. Why? Because when I wasn’t at the course, I didn’t want to be easily and obviously identified as a golfer. So it’s a testament to the progress made in the world of golf fashion that there are now a bunch of shirts that translate from the 18th green to dinner afterwards.

Here are seven of my favorites, from laid-back to fun to a little bit of flair.

1. The TravisMathew BYOB

If you’re looking for that “athlete-with-an-edge” vibe, this TravisMathew BYOB is the number for you.

TravisMathew BYOB

The Travis Mathew BYOB polo features LifeStyle Performance fabrication. LifeStyle is designed to keep you comfortable during work and play. It is machine washable and wrinkle resistant for an easy care experience. LifeStyle fabric is also enhanced with stretch so you can move with ease throughout your active day.
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2. Criquet Performance Players SP20

Few golf brands make a breast pocket with the same fine touch as Criquet, and the all-cotton vibe plays to a wide range of audiences.

Criquet Performance Players SP20

The Criquet Performance Players polo features moisture wicking fabric that draws sweat from the skin for quick evaporation so you can stay cool and dry throughout the day. The fabric also provides stretch for comfort and movement with ease during activities. Design details include a micro pique finish, removable collar stays, 4 button closure and a chest pocket for small accessories.
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3. Nike Dry Vapor

Athleisure is way in, and Nike will make you look athletic without screaming out “GOLF!” if you want a sleek, sporty vibe.

Nike Dry Vapor Texture

Nike’s Dry Vapor Texture polo is constructed with lightweight fabric with stretch, offering comfort and freedom of movement. The unique fabric has a slightly iridescent, sporty look that will help you stand out on or off the golf course.
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4. Radmor Baty

Radmor is a startup focused at the intersection of style and sustainability, which means you can add a little edge to your look while feeling good about the purchase at the same time.

Radmor Baty

The Radmor BATY Polo is constructed with proprietary thirty-singles micro-pique, knit from a blend of Peruvian Pima Cotton + Elastane yarns. Radmors ELS (extra-long staple) cotton, the smoothest in the world, is also the purist of cellulose fibers, and like all cellulose fibers, are biodegradable. Radmor is driven by sustainability and focused on the end game; what happens at the end of a garments life. Radmor is the first brand in the golf industry to focus on the elimination of using ‘virgin’ polyester on a garment level. While also limiting the amount of recycled ocean polyester and recycled nylon used to less than 10% of the collection, and always with the option of RAD-Cycling at the end of the product life-cycle. Radmor is excited to reintroduce the long-term benefits found in the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) Organic & Extra-Long Staple (ELS) Pima cotton apparel while incorporating more environmentally responsible performance technologies, and thereby reducing their impact on
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5. Adidas Go To

Ah, if everything in life — and golf — was as reliable as the Adidas Go To polo.

Adidas Go To

The Adidas Go To polo will keep you comfortable, cool, dry and protected from the sun. It features 4 way stretch for comfort and easy movement and UV protection to keep the skin safe from harmful sunrays. It also features breathable, moisture wicking fabric that allows air to reach the skin while quickly evaporating sweat as well. In addition, the recycled polyester is durable for ample wash and wear and offers resistance against shrinking and wrinkles.
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6. Bonobos Golf M-Flex

Bonobos is good at making clothes, period. We’re glad they brought their talents to the fairways.

Bonobos Golf M-Flex

The Bonobos M-Flex polo ooffers unrestricted movement with stitched-in flex panels that enhance range of motion and stretch fabric that keeps you comfortable and moving with ease. The fabric is created with UV protection to keep the skin safe from harmful sunrays. It is made from polyester, providing durability for ample wash and wear and resistance against shrinking and wrinkles. M-Flex design details feature 2 button closure, an embroidered logo, and a flamingo print with a contrasting ribbed collar.
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7. Redvanly Galaxy

Want to stand out, but for the right reason? Play around and play a round with Redvanly and the flair they add to a basic polo.

Redvanly Galaxy

The Redvanly Galaxy polo offers a fashionable look as well as comfort. It is designed with a galaxy print, a striped spread knit collar, and 3 button closure. Galaxy features PUREpoly fabrication, offering extreme softness, plenty of stretch, and moisture wicking to move sweat away from the skin. Additional fabric benefits include durability for machine washing and resistance against shrinking and wrinkles.
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