Why PGA Champion Justin Thomas started his own affordable skincare line

Justin Thomas

JT's passion for golf paired with a cancer scare a few years back inspired WearSPF, a sunscreen brand that keeps you and the oceans safe.


Justin Thomas has referred to himself as “just a boy from Kentucky,” but this “boy from Kentucky” has achieved more than most have ever dreamed… and he only just turned 30! But cancer does not discriminate, and it especially lurks eerily close to those who work, exercise or play in the sun.

We all know how detrimental UV rays can be. We’ve heard it throughout our lives — how sneaky and sudden the consequences of sun exposure may arise. That’s why after JT’s dermatologist, fortunately, discovered a mole on his leg signaling early stages of melanoma, JT knew he had to spread the word, “Go get checked!”

Justin Thomas shares emotional PSA to golfers after cancer scare
By: Luke Kerr-Dineen

JT was lucky enough to catch his case early enough to have the entire melanoma surgically removed, and yes, getting checked is beyond important. But, 10 out of 10 dermatologists will tell you, “Wear sunscreen every day,” and that goes triple for anyone who works, exercises or plays in the sun.

Thus, WearSPF was born. An SPF brand whose name brilliantly incites JT’s important message to wear sunscreen to protect your well-being and have yourself regularly checked. When it comes to the health of you and your loved ones, you’ll never regret taking extra precautions.

“You’ve got nothing to lose, and possibly everything to gain. It’s time to raise your sun protection game.” Justin Thomas

WearSPF offers a variety of sunscreen options in the forms of sticks, sprays, lip balms and even after-sun-care — aloe and cleanser. But also, impressively, they offer multiple choices in both chemical sunscreen, which absorbs UV rays, and mineral sunscreen, which blocks them. Each caters to different needs, but both offer the protection you need.

Tap here to learn more about whether a mineral or a chemical formula would be the best choice for you.

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It’s easy to forget to put on sunscreen at home, but it should be your first thought before you put on your golf glove! The best idea is to throw the sunscreen of your choice in your golf bag for easy access (and a great idea if you need to re-apply between the back and front nine).

Oh, and by the way, if you’re playing on or near a beach, Justin Thomas’ non-nano WearSPF sunscreens are reef-friendly to help keep our oceans and beaches thriving. Just another awesome aspect of this sunscreen and its formulas.

Tap here to learn why non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen is your best bet for the beach.

Keep scrolling to find your new go-to sunscreen, so you can always keep the SPF protection you need. Don’t forget your WearSPF Lip Balm, Aloe Gel and After Sun Cleanser.

Throw some WearSPF in your golf bag!


WearSPF Non-Nano Mineral Sunscreen

Our broad-spectrum reef-safe mineral SPF 30 lotion for face and body. If you want to protect both your skin and the ocean, grab our Non-Nano Zinc Oxide Sunscreen when you’re hitting the course,

WearSPF S.O.S Aloe Gel

97% undiluted aloe gel for soothing and hydrating skin post-sun or post-shave. Sending out an S.O.S. after you didn’t WearSPF? Our dye-free Sun Or Shave Aloe Gel gives you a mulligan by alleviating the aftermath. Designed to soothe and rehydrate irritated skin, the 97% undiluted formula has no water added—so it delivers potent natural aloe like the kind you’d get straight from the leaf.

WearSPF Sunscreen Spray

Easy-to-apply broad spectrum SPF 50 sports spray for face and body. Ace effortless UVA/UVB protection with this lightweight sunscreen, designed with a continuous spray for quick all over coverage. Infused with super-nourishing antioxidant ingredients, our multi-tasking mist can go from the course to the beach and beyond with ease.

WearSPF Sunscreen Sport Stick

Portable broad spectrum SPF 50 sports stick for face and body. Stick it to UVA/UVB rays with our solid sun protection, simple to swipe on and perfect for an active, on-the-go lifestyle. Use on your face, ears, lips, or any other targeted spots.

WearSPF Mineral Sunscreen

Original broad spectrum mineral SPF 30 lotion for face and body. This antioxidant-infused, chemical-free sunscreen is formulated with zinc oxide for powerful UVA/UVB protection. It creates a physical barrier that reflects and scatters UVA/UVB rays to invisibly block the sun’s harmful effects while fending off other environmental stressors with antioxidants. The lightweight, quick-drying formula is safe and soothing for even the most sensitive skin, and scores extra points for being water-resistant, hydrating, and reef-friendly.

WearSPF Lip Balm

Original minty broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 lip balm. Lips are super-sensitive to sun, so make sure your game plan includes this ultra-protective balm. Lock in moisture and leave your lips refreshed and hydrated after a day outside.

WearSPF After Sun Cleanser

Skin-softening cleanser for removing both SPF and impurities. Clean up your act with this daily wash, which easily dissolves sunscreen, dirt, sweat, and oil buildup with naturally derived surfactants. Perfect for both AM and PM, this gentle cleanser leaves skin supple, hydrated, and ready for more adventure.
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