Improve tempo, boost lag and gain distance with the Lag Shot Lady

It's all about tempo, tempo, tempo.


Welcome to Gimme That, a column where we’ll highlight one notable item we think you might like. Whether it’s an article of clothing, an intriguing electronic device or anything in between, we want to share these items with you because they’ve generated a bit of chatter by our water cooler (or, these days, on our Slack channel). So sit back, scroll down and keep up with the latest gear golf has to offer.

We’ve raved about Lag Shot training aids in the past, and now we have the women’s version in stock: the Lag Shot Lady. Essentially, this is a 7-iron with a super flexible, whippy shaft just like the regular Lag Shot, but slightly lighter in weight. The idea is that the flexible shaft will help you get a better feel for tempo and boost lag, so you can gain distance and consistency. It’s set apart from similar whippy training aids because it’s actually meant to hit a golf ball. For the cost of a one-hour lesson, you can get this training aid that you can easily store in your bag and practice with on your own time. If you can hit the ball well, you’re doing it right, if not…keep trying — immediate feedback!

Lag Shot Lady™ 7 Iron

Lag Shot Lady™ 7 Iron – #1 Swing Trainer For Ladies!
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Emily Haas Contributor