Fling Golf could get your non-golf buddies to finally join you on the course

March 25, 2020

If you’re a winter sports fanatic, you’re familiar with sharing the mountain. Both skiers and snowboarders alike can ride the same slopes, do similar tricks, and enjoy each other’s company. Fling Golf — think traditional golf meets lacrosse — is trying to bring that same concept to golf courses around the world.

The sport can be played on any golf course alongside traditional golfers or with a foursome of fellow Flingers. All you need to start playing is a FlingStick — Fling Golf’s lone tool for launching shots and hitting putts. With practice, the FlingStick can launch a golf ball similarly to most traditional golf clubs — it even has a better chance of going straight. Scoring is also akin to regular golf — the fewer the shots, the better the score — but, take a one shot penalty if you go out of bounds, lose your ball, go into a hazard, or into a bunker.

Fling Golf is a great way to get your non-golf buddies out on the course with you. It’s an easy motion to learn and flingers avoid the painful shanks, chunks, and other flubbed shots that plague golf beginners.

As we see many golf courses remain open during this time, Fling Golf is a great alternative for people looking for ways to stay active. Of course, continue to practice social distancing if you and your friends do hit the course, whether or not you decide to fling it.

Check out the below video to see Fling Golf in action!

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