E-Z-GO’s Liberty golf cart is a luxurious option from an industry leader

E-Z-Go Liberty golf cart

The E-Z-Go Liberty golf cart costs $14,500.

Courtesy of E-Z-GO

From cart path to cul-de-sac. From fairway to front door. From greenside to garage. Take your pick of witty destination combinations, the E-Z-GO Liberty golf cart will get you there in style.

Starting at $15,900, the Liberty is a cruiser as luxurious as anything on the market from the industry’s leading manufacturer.

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By: Jessica Marksbury

The base model includes four sculpted, forward-facing seats for maximum comfort, an optimized wheelbase for tighter turning and maneuverability and premium tires and wheels for an oh-so-smooth ride.

But the Liberty is even more impressive under the hood.

Its maintenance-free ELiTE lithium powertrain (with an eight-year warranty) is activated by Samsung SDI technology, designed to provide impressive power and battery life long enough for a full day’s ride on course or wherever the road might take you.

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