Best golf sunglasses: 13 sunglasses that will make you the coolest golfer in your foursome

November 27, 2019

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You might not realize it, but many of the best players on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and the PGA Tour Champions wear sunglasses while they play. You don’t see it as much because come time to hit their shots they take them off and hand their shades to their caddies, but between shots it’s common to find players doing all they can to protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

By the way, UV rays don’t just radiate down from the sun. They bounce around in every direction (especially near water, sand, even on grass), and they can travel through clouds with ease. This means, even it’s overcast, you should consider wearing sunglasses outside.

Some golf sunglasses can even help you read greens better, detect contours or even help make it easier to see your ball in the air and on the ground. Below are a few of our top picks that will not only protect your eyes (they all have UV protection), but also add a hint of style to your game as well.

Best golf sunglasses for a sporty look

Under Armour Propel Tuned

Under Armour propel tuned sunglasses

Equipped with lenses that are designed to improve contrast and make it easier to both track your golf ball and see more contours, the UA Propel Tuned also have multi-flection coatings to guard against scratches, smudges and intense sunlight. Our favorite feature is the Three Point Grip nose grip which provides a no-slip hold and exceptional comfort.


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Best golf sunglasses for hat-wearers

Oakley Targetline with Prizm lenses

Oakley targetline prizm lenses sunglasses

The angled brow of the O Matter frame found in the Oakley Targetline sunglasses makes them comfortable to wear with a hat and the Prizm lenses maximize contrast and visibility. The lenses are also wider for improved vision when looking down (at your golf ball), and the side shields do a great job at blocking out side and back glare. Comes in polarized or non-polarized options — both with UV protection. We especially love the matte black version.


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Best golf sunglasses for music-lovers

Bose Altos

Bose Altos sunglasses

The Bose Altos are Bluetooth-connected shades that enable music and messages to be piped in and delivered without pausing to pick up the phone. Miniaturized Bose speakers are precisely positioned in the arms to produce sound directly into the ears and away from everyone else. Bose Altos are the perfect practice range partner, pumping out music like high-end earbuds but without the anti-social vibe. The audio is surprisingly robust and, along with an iconic frame design, combine to create timeless technology that’s wearable.


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Best surf-style golf sunglasses

Electric Swingarm Sport

swingarm sport sunglasses

Electric wins big points for style and comfort, but they also perform. The Swingarm Sport comes in polarized or non-polarized lenses, in a variety of lens colors, all in a lightweight package (they weigh only 28 grams). The double action hinge system ensures a comfortable, snug fit no matter the shape of your dome.


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Best golf sunglasses for steamy conditions

Nike Maverick Mirrored

Nike Maverick Mirrored sunglasses

Designed to look cool on anyone (they’re unisex), the Maverick Mirrored are primed for golf with lenses that add a pop of more color and contrast to the scene. The flexible temple arms help ensure a comfortable fit (that also fit snugly under a hat) and the ventilated nose bridge helps prevent fogging.


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Best golf sunglasses for stability

Adidas Whipstart

Adidas whipstart sunglasses

Simple, clean, understated — the Whipstart sunglasses from Adidas yield ample protection with lenses that sport Vision Advantage polycarbonate lenses for added durability. The snap-fit nosepads and added traction where the frames touch the temples help these glasses hold their position, even when things get sweaty or damp on the golf course.


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Best golf sunglasses for minimalists

Maui Jim Ho’Okipa

Maui Jim Hookipa sunglasses

The Ho’Okipa (“hospitality” in Hawaiian) sunglasses are rimless, making them a top choice for golfers who want maximum protection in a minimal design. The four, polarized lenses available in this model all feature Clearshell treatment for added durability, a lightweight frame, and a saddle-style nose bridge for added comfort.


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Best aviator-style golf sunglasses

Maui Jim Cook Pines

Maui Jim Cook Sunglasses

These polarized sunglasses ooze cool. The look is traditional aviator, but the style is pure Maui Jim. A deep lens height means never having to look under the rims when addressing the ball.


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Best trendy golf sunglasses

Ray-Ban Round Fleck

Ray Ban round fleck sunglasses

If you’re looking for more contemporary look on the links, the Round Flecks are a terrific choice. The round rims will make you the trendiest player in your foursome, and the new design features a cool matte finish on metal temples.


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Best golf sunglasses for versatility

Callaway Eagle

Callaway Eagle sunglasses

Considered a “hybrid sunglass” by Callaway, the Eagle shades have a metal front for stability and polyamide injection molded temples for a lightweight comfortable fit. The polarized lenses block glare and even though they’re made to reduce sunlight from hitting your eyes, the Eagles still let ample light through the lens to help make you see better as you play.


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Best golf sunglasses for splurgers

Scheyden CIA Golf Sunglasses

Scheyden cia golf sunglasses

Sporting a titanium frame, the high-definition, dye-infused polyamide lenses lighten and enhance your view for better visibility on or off the golf course. The lenses are mounted to the frame only from the top, meaning there is no visual obstruction below the lens (a critical feature for golfers easily distracted by their sunglasses when looking down over a golf ball). Silicone nose pads help hold the CIAs in place.


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Best golf sunglasses for value

Tifosi Veloce with Enliven lenses

tifosi veloce enliven lenses

Designed to add definition to colors that matter most to golfers (blues, greens and some reds), the Veloce sunglasses with Enliven lenses from Tifosi are a wonderful option for golfers on a budget. They’re also lightweight and durable and have no lower rims to hinder your view. If the Veloce frame isn’t your style, the Enliven lenses are available in a variety of other frame styles.


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Best golf sunglasses for style mavens

GLCO x Malbon Hampton

GLCO X Malbon hampton sunglasses

These stylish beauties were born from a collaboration between GLCO and Malbon Golf, and they’re customized with Malbon Pure Green lenses with a secret feature. When you breathe on the lenses and fog them up you’ll unveil the unique Malbon logo. Oh, and they look great, too.


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