The five most unique products from the PGA Show

January 24, 2019

The PGA Show is a time for golf companies to launch new products and for new companies to launch themselves. There are so many gadgets, gizmos and gimmick clubs out there that it’s become hard to stand out in the golf space. However, there were five products that caught my eye as the most unique on the show floor.


Is virtual reality the future of golf and possibly golf gaming? After going through a demo, I think I’m a believer. vGolf is the creation of Tom Kudirka, the man behind groundbreaking video games Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. Now’s he’s looking to carve out his own corner in golf. I was skeptical at first. Yeah, you might look like a bit of an idiot to those watching around you with those glasses on, but it’s well worth it for the view within. The experience is all too real and the meticulous attention with a live scoreboard and swing analysis stats bring it to another level.

Virtual reality could be the future of golf.

Daima GIII Golf Driver

This driver is worth its weight in golf. With a glare that you often see off gold bars in heist movies, the Daima GIII gold-plated driver comes with a $2,200 price tag. It also happens to be non-conforming. This club is meant for golfers with deep pockets who might be looking to get one over on their buddies to make their pockets even deeper.



The struggle is real when looking for a place to secure your phone in a golf cart. Personally, I want it out of my pocket during a round. The problem with standard golf cart compartments is that your phone is always sliding or bouncing around. ClickCaddie used their first-hand experience to create a new way to keep your phone safe and usable at the same time. They decide to utilize the ball storage on golf carts to create a mount for your phone. It’s double secured through a magnetic connection and straps. It’s one of those simple solutions that I kick myself for not thinking of.


CBD is all the rage these days. It feels like every day I hear about a new benefit of using CBD. But golf?! It appears so. Mullie is using the mantra “relax your game” to emphasize the benefits their line of CBD products can potentially have on your golf game. Are you a nervous mess on the first tee? Are your knees shaking on those short, downhill putts? A little Mullie in your life could be just what you need to take the edge off.

It now looks like CBD could be expanding into the golf world too.


There’s a small army of golf instructors and their training aids onsite at the PGA Show. There’s one that stood out about the rest: RoboGolfPro. The moment this contraption caught my eye I knew I had to stop and check it out. RoboGolfPro advertises themselves as a swing trainer that allows golfers to “feel” their swing. I gave it a whirl set on Bryson DeChambeau swing. For starters, I learned that Bryson’s swing is harder than it looks. Besides that, I found it pretty damn cool to be able to pause and realize what I was actually doing at each moment in my swing. With the robot locking you into place, it makes it easier than trying to freeze yourself for an instructor to come around and explain what you’re doing with your swing.

RoboGolfPro could be the future for how golfers improve their swings.

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