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Demo Day 2019: 4 products that caught my eye on day one of the PGA Show

January 23, 2019

Tuesday was Demo Day, the opening event for the 2019 PGA Merchandise show in Orlando. Here are a few products that caught the interest of our in-house gearhead Mike Chwasky, including FinnCycle electric golf carts, yellow Bridgestone golf balls and more.

Bridgestone Tour B XS in Optic Yellow

$44.99; bridgestonegolf.com

Bridgestone Tour B XS golf balls will soon be available in optic yellow
Bridgestone Tour B XS golf balls will soon be available in optic yellow.

Bridgestone golf balls are back with a vengeance in 2019 as is their new fitting system (more on that coming soon), and while the new e Series is certainly noteworthy, the new optic yellow version of the Tour B XS is almost equally exciting. Like the white version that Tiger used to win the Tour Championship last year, the new yellow Tour B XS features a gradational compression core for higher initial ball speed and less sidespin, a SlipRes cover formulation for increased friction at impact, Dual Dimple technology for longer carry distance, and a proprietary seamless cover for enhanced consistency. According to the folks at Bridgestone, there’s been growing demand for a yellow option in the Tour B XS and soon enough everyone and anyone who wants one will be plenty happy.

The optic yellow Tour B XS will be available at retail on March 18th.

FinnCycle electric golf cycle

$N/A; FinnScooters.com

The FinnCycle electric golf cycle
The FinnCycle electric golf cycle.

Sun Mountain Motor Sports, which is an affiliate of the Sun Mountain Sports company we all know and love that produces top-notch golf bags, is introducing what might be the most awesome single-rider golf cart to date. Designed to not only be serious fun but also speed up play, the new golf cycle has an electric motor and lithium battery that lasts for 36 holes on a single charge and can be ridden easily by just about anyone, even seniors. For easy access, the golf bag is secured in the center of the frame, which also adds stability while the cycle is in motion. Though the new FinnCycle will be available for purchase by individuals, it’s also aimed at golf facilities looking for a unique way to speed up play and enhance the overall fun factor.

FinnCycle will begin arriving at golf facilities in Spring 2019.

Big Max Aqua 100% waterproof golf bags

$229.99-$249.99; us.bigmaxgolf.com

The Big Max Aqua Wave golf bag
The Big Max Aqua Wave golf bag.

Big Max is the top pushcart and golf bag brand in Europe and has a serious eye toward the U.S. market with a new line of 100% waterproof bags. Comprised of three models including the Aqua Sport 2 ($299.99) cart bag, Aqua Wave stand bag ($249.99), and the Aqua Ocean ($229.99) compact stand bag, the entire Aqua series is built with a fabric with a waterproof rating of over 10.000mm for complete protection from the elements. Other features include sealed seams, specially designed waterproof zippers, and a host of other conveniences that make the Aqua line an impressive option for those who live and play in wet conditions.

Sacks Parente Golf Series 39 Blade Putters

$600 Players, $1200 Tour; sacksparente.com

A Sacks Parente Golf Series 39 blade putter
A Sacks Parente Golf Series 39 blade putter.

The new Sacks Parente Golf Company has a lineup of flatsticks that are sure to impress any player that gives them a whack. The new Series 39 blade (available in both Players and Tour models) features an ultra-low balance point technology that helps square the head at impact, as well as an innovative lightweight face insert and more tungsten in the heel and toe areas than any putter currently made. The result is exceptionally high MOI, stability, and accuracy. Other features of the Series 39 blade include multi-material construction with a combination of surgical steel, AL24 (a proprietary alloy), and tungsten, extremely light and stiff custom shafts, and grips that weigh about half that of a standard model. A Series 54 Mallet built with many of the same technologies is also available.