RoboTest: How much can you change ball flight with an adjustable driver?

adjustable hosel

Looking to dial your driver in for distance? The latest edition of GOLF's RoboTest highlights the importance of tuning your adjustable driver.

Compared to clubs from even just a decade ago, modern drivers offer easy adjustability that any golfer can access with just a few wrench clicks.

Although some golfers still question the reliability of such adjustment tools and are afraid to pull their driver apart with a wrench, there is no question that it offers a benefit to help add distance and reduce misses — but just how much you might ask.

To highlight modern driver adjustability, we had the Golf Laboratories’ swing robot go to work to demonstrate exactly how much variance can be created in launch and spin when adjusting a driver for loft.

Using a 10.5° driver swung at 95 mph, we compared shots hit in the middle of the face on the standard setting to shots hit in the 1° higher setting, the 2° higher setting, and the 1° lower setting of the adjustable hosel using Foresight’s GCQuad. The results? Surprising. Check out the video below.


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Test Results


Adjustable driver launch
Changes in launch angle


Adjustable driver changes in spin
Changes in spin rate

Even though we might not hit it like a robot, this test demonstrates that there is a change of up to 800 rpms of spin variance built into your adjustable driver. Whether you’re a golfer in need of spin to help keep the ball in the air longer or a faster player looking to lower ball flight, all it takes is a few turns of a wrench to help get you closer to optimizing your driver.

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