These new 3-woods will help golfers who miss on the toe

mizuno st-g fairway wood

The ST-G fairway wood proved to be an ideal companion for golfers who routinely impact the toe.


With a toe miss being the most common mishit location for most golfers,’s robotic testing series shifts the focus from drivers to 3-woods with the ability to reduce distance loss on a toe strike.

As you’ll notice, the list of models below is an eclectic mix of max forgiveness and tour offerings, which further confirms the importance of getting fit for a 3-wood that not only matches your delivery (angle of attack and swing path) but impact location as well.

Finding a consistent 3-wood with a tight dispersion is half of the battle. The other half is tracking down a worthy option that mitigates your most frequent miss. In this case, the most frequent miss. Let’s go to the numbers.

(How we calculate: All testing was conducted with a 15-degree 3-wood at 95 mph, with six shots recorded from the geometric center and toe. The carry numbers below compare center and toe distances to achieve a carry delta.)


Mizuno ST-G Titanium | 4.6 yards

Mizuno ST-G 440 Custom Fairway Wood

CORTECH CHAMBER A chamber located on the sole adjacent to the face, filled with an elastomeric material with inserted weight provides: Larger CORAREA, improved spin performance, and tuned impact sound. ULTRA LOW CG CONSTRUCTION Lighter density 811 Ti body combined with 88g higher density steel along the sole provides the lowest CG construction. MULTI-THICKNESS CORTECH FACE Refined to maximize CORAREA combined with the SAT2041 Beta Titanium face material. WAFFLE CROWN Extremely thin lightweight crown portion. MODERN PLAYER’S PEAR SHAPE An inviting, compact, head that sits perfectly square at address. HIT TUNED IMPACT SOUND Strategically placed internal sound ribs tune the impact sound to the appropriate frequency and sound pressure QUICK SWITCH ADJUSTABILITY 4 degrees of loft adjustability to fine-tune address look and trajectory.
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PXG 0311 Black Ops | 4.8 yards

PXG 0311 Black Ops Custom Fairway Wood

High-Strength Carbon Fiber Crown Crown made entirely from high-grade carbon fiber. This lightweight material saves mass in the crown, allowing it to be redistributed low and to the perimeter of the clubhead for optimal CG and addedforgiveness. Supported Weight Structure Innovative supported weight structure that delivers unbelievable sound and feel. High-Speed, Squared Face PXG 0311 Black Ops Fairways present a proprietary stainless steel face engineered to position the CG low for high launch, optimal spin performance, and insanely fast ball speeds.
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Cobra Darkspeed X | 7.4 yards

Cobra DarkSpeed X Custom Fairway Wood

The X model is designed for versatile shot making and plenty of forgiveness to make your long game more consistent. MORE LAUNCH. MORE BALL SPEED. The PWRSHELL insert and suspended weight PWR-BRIDGE design create a more flexible face and sole to maximize launch and ball speed. SPEED & SPIN OPTIMIZATION An A.I. designed H.O.T. Face features an optimized variable thickness pattern that delivers more efficient speed & spin across the clubface.
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Cobra Darkspeed LS | 9 yards

Cobra DarkSpeed LS Custom Fairway Wood

The LS model features our first ever Titanium fairway construction for driver-like performance in a refined clubhead shape tailored for precise shot shaping. TOUR INSPIRED SHAPING Subdued clubhead styling inspires a Tour-validated look and feel at address. TITANIUM CONSTRUCTION A multi-material construction blends a lightweight 8-1-1 Titanium body and face, and a carbon crown to improve weight distribution for more distance.
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TaylorMade Qi10 Tour | 11.6 yards

TaylorMade Qi10 Tour Custom Fairway Wood

Introducing the Qi10 Tour fairway. Experience TaylorMade speed with Qi10 forgiveness…off the tee and off the deck. MAXIMUM ADJUSTABILITY A lower profile moveable weight system features a 50g sliding weight and a 2° loft sleeve for a wide range of flight options. Golfers can shift the weight back for higher launch and stability, center it for all-around performance or move it forward for a low-spin ball flight with maximum distance. NEW INFINITY CARBON CROWN An Infinity Crown provides a clean, uninterrupted view at address while also optimizing performance.
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