Brandel Chamblee once starred in a golf infomercial? Our first reactions…

Welcome to Backspin, a video series where’s equipment editors Jonathan Wall and myself, Andrew Tursky, look back at old golf videos on the internet and provide our first reactions.

This week, we’ve uncovered some pure gold from the depths of the golf internet. Before Brandel Chamblee was a household name as a Golf Channel analyst, apparently he starred in a golf infomercial … and we found the video.

In this informercial, Chamblee and company endorse a product called “Quiet Feet,” which is said to help golfers keep their balance throughout the swing. Quiet Feet seems to go against Chamblee’s views on the left foot’s role in the golf swing, but this infomercial was filmed a long time ago.

Check out our reactions to the Quiet Feet infomercial above; the video features a bonus prank call at the end that you don’t want to miss. If you’re interested in watching more of our past Backspin episodes, click the links below.

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