Tis’ the Season: Get a jump on the best sellers at Fairway Jockey

Titleist's TSR3 driver is a favorite among better golfers who want added power and forgiveness without compromising on shotmaking capabilities.

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Who’s ready for the holiday season? If you’re like us, the holidays spark joy for several reasons. One of which is the opportunity to give (and receive) some of the hottest golf clubs and shafts we’ve seen in years.

Really, today’s stuff is leaps ahead in terms of technology and performance, and 2022 was a banner year for new innovations.

Let’s look at some of this year’s top sellers that are available right now on Fairway Jockey that you can pick up for that special someone in your foursome. And, why not splurge and buy something for yourself while you’re at it?

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AutoFlex Limited Edition Driver Shaft

We finally found it! Finally, we can introduce the shaft of your dreams. Now available in a limited edition Blue/Red colorway. Act now, we have extremely limited quantities of each flex! Autoflex shaft with K.H.T (Korea hidden technology) applied is a new concept of the shaft that changed the common sense of the ordinary shaft. This soft Autoflex Shaft will provide you the fun that you have never experienced. Up to 20 or 30 grams lighter than the conventional shafts. Select the weight of the Autoflex shaft according to the swing speeds. The shaft automatically optimizes the transfer of energy despite different swing speeds. Increases the head speed while providing stable swing posture and distance.

AutoFlex Limited Edition Driver shaft

AutoFlex shafts have hit legend status this year. Once unheard of, it’s quickly become one of the most coveted ultra-premium shafts on the market. Designed for serious players, the AutoFlex is a soft shaft that works wonders for slow and fast swings alike. The Blue/Red colorway is a limited offering, so get yours fast.

Titleist TSR3 Custom Driver

f you are a player with a consistent impact location, then Titleist TSR3 is your ticket to maximum driving performance. The new Speed Ring Face Technology creates a focused point of pure speed that can be precision-tuned to match your point of contact. Benefits Precise Speed & Distance Exceptional Feel & Playability Player-Preferred Shaping Features Speed Ring VFT (Variable Face Thickness) Technology Performance-Tuned Adjustability Aerospace Grade Titanium Improved Aerodynamics SureFit Adjustability

Titleist TSR3 driver

Titleist dropped three new drivers this year, and the TSR3 quickly became a favorite among better golfers who want added power and forgiveness without compromising on shotmaking capabilities. Comes with slick aerodynamics, a newly designed variable thickness face structure, SureFit adjustability and tons of custom shafts to choose from.

Miura MC-502 Custom Irons

New to the MC-502 is an increase in face progression (less offset), which has always been a welcomed look for the better player. Additionally, a softer, more rounded top line and toe profile found their way from the sketch pad to the final product. The result is an iron that is easy to align while delivering an unrivaled level of confidence and playability. There were no compromises when it came to the new design. The sound, feel and performance, which have been hallmarks of Miura irons since 1957, embodied the finished product.

Miura MC-502 irons

Miura is a company globally recognized for it’s commitment to producing some of the finest iron forgings in the world, and the MC-502 Custom Irons embody the full reputation. The look, sound and feel are uniquely Miura, with an increase in face progression (less offset) and a softer, rounder topline for a more pleasing appearance at address.

Fujikura Ventus TR Patriot Edition Wood Shaft

In honor of Veteran’s Day, Fujikura is proud to introduce a limited run of VENTUS TR Black and VENTUS TR Blue models in an exclusive and unique camouflage finish. Limited to only 1,000 pieces, these Patriot Edition shafts commemorate and continue Fujikura’s partnership with Folds of Honor as the organization’s exclusive shaft manufacturer. NEW FOR 2022! Introducing a new profile to the lineup, VENTUS TR. Born from the continuous quest for improvement and backed by enso®–driven analytics and Tour feedback, VENTUS TR builds upon one of the most trusted and best-selling wood shafts in Fujikura history.

Fujikura Ventus TR Patriot Edition shaft

The Patriot Edition of the wildly popular Fujikuar Ventus shaft is limited to 1000 pieces — even still, it’s a best-seller on Fairway Jockey. Available in Ventus TR Black or Blue models, the Patriot shaft has a unique camouflage finish. Under the hood is all Ventus, which has fast become one of the best-selling shafts in Fujikura history.

Graphite Design Tour AD CQ Wood Shaft

Brand new for 2023, Graphite Design introduces the latest in the Tour AD premium line of golf shafts, the Graphite Design Tour AD CQ – CONQUEST. Designed and manufactured at the Graphite Design Japan factory headquarters, the new Tour AD CQ wood shafts are jet black with gold and red accents and finished with a gloss clear coat. The Tour AD CQ, like the other high performance Tour AD wood shafts, utilizes premium, aerospace quality carbon-fiber materials and are available in 40g R2, R1 and S flex, 50g R2, R1, S and X flex, 60g SR, S, X and TX flex, 70g S, X and TX flex and 80g X flex.

Graphite Design Tour AD CQ shaft

Set to unveil in 2023, the Tour AD CQ Wood Shaft from Graphite Design is already a pre-order best-seller. The Tour AD CQ, like the other high-performance Tour AD wood shafts, utilizes premium, aerospace-quality carbon-fiber materials. Comes in jet black with gold and red accents and is finished with a gloss clear coat.

TaylorMade Stealth Plus+ Custom Driver

Twenty years of development marks the end of the titanium era. The all new 60X Carbon Twist Face is 44% lighter than an equivalent titanium face, while also being 11% larger than SIM2 and SIM2 Max drivers and nearly 20% larger than the 2020 SIM driver. Sixty layers of carbon fiber have been strategically designed to optimize energy transfer to deliver fast ball speeds over a large area, resulting in optimal distance and forgiveness.

TaylorMade Stealth Plus+ Custom driver

It’s easy to spot a Stealth driver from afar, with its sixty layers of carbon fiber in the clubface that have been strategically designed to optimize energy transfer to deliver fast ball speeds over a large area, resulting in optimal distance and forgiveness. The Stealth Plus+ edition is one of the most popular and comes with a variety of custom shaft options to choose from.

Ping i230 Custom Irons


Ping i230 irons

The player’s-style i230 iron delivers consistent and predictable distance control with tighter dispersion for hitting precise yardages. Here’s a secret — they’re much more playable and easier to hit than they look. No wonder they’re flying off the shelves.

Mizuno T22 Custom Wedge

One-piece Grain Flow Forged using HD Boron, at Mizuno’s iconic facility in Hiroshima, where Mizuno irons have been produced since 1968, the new T22 wedges feature a microlayer of copper beneath the nickel-chrome delivering an extra split-second of control at impact. The new T22 wedges feature a slightly more compact, ‘modified teardrop,’ profile with an extensively beveled top edge to make it appear thinner. The spin-weighted blade design, created by tapering the upper portion of the blade, helps create a more consistent spin and a more penetrating trajectory. Mizuno’s HydroFlow Micro Grooves deliver great wet weather performance as they are laser etched to release moisture and reduce spin drop off, while the Quad Cut milled, and loft specific, grooves are cut into Boron infused steel to offer a longer effective lifespan. The T22 wedges are available in three finishes; Denim Copper, Satin Chrome, and Raw. The Raw finish comes without the copper underlay, but it will rust over time for a look requested by many of the Mizuno tour players.

Mizuno T22 Custom wedge

Mizuno is best known for its irons, but the company proved it has some serious wedge game with its T22. Available in three finishes in a huge variety of loft/bounce configurations, the T22 quickly became a favorite among all player types. And it doesn’t hurt that Luke Donald himself played a role in how they’re designed.

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