Report: Tiger vs. Phil pay-per-view match streamed for free after technical glitch

November 23, 2018

Word began to trickle out across social media early Friday afternoon as thousands tried to access Bleacher Report’s live stream of the Tiger-Phil match in Las Vegas: There seemed to be a problem.

Users visiting the Bleacher Report site to pay for access to The Match were, well, unable to pay for access to The Match.

ESPN media reporter Darren Rovell was all over the malfunction. “Bleacher Report Live stream slow or not working,” he wrote on Twitter.

But as the afternoon wore on, users began to notice a change: the link to the B/R live stream was suddenly going through for free.

Rovell reported through a source that executives from Turner, which is in charge of distributing The Match, decided to give the stream away for free. The decision was made, Rovell said, “when purchase function broke down to point where those who bought had trouble getting in.”

Turner spokesman Nate Smeltz told Rovell in statement: “We experienced a technical issue on Bleacher Report Live that impacted user access to The Match. We took a number of steps to resolve the matter with our main priority being to deliver the content to those who purchased the event.”

At the time of this posting, Bleacher Report had not responded to GOLF.com’s request for comment.