Who are the best golfers in the NBA? Jason Kidd explains

Steph Curry, Jason Kidd says, is good at golf. Maybe too much so. 

“Yeah, he doesn’t count,” Kidd said on this week’s Subpar podcast.  

“He’s too good at everything,” Subpar co-host Drew Stoltz said. 

“But we claim him,” Kidd said.  

The conversation of the NBA’s best golfers goes much the same way it does when discussing its best shooters — Curry, and everyone else. The two-time NBA MVP is a plus handicap. He’s played on the Korn Ferry Tour. But there’s a conversation. When Kidd came into the league in 1994, it was a short one, at best. 

Jason Kidd
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“When I started playing golf or coming into the league, there was maybe only a handful of guys — Vinny Del Negro, MJ. Can we say Charles?” Kidd said, referring to Charles Barkley.

“He’s back,” Stoltz said. 

“He’s getting better,” Subpar co-host Colt Knost said.  

“I’ve heard those rumors, too, that he’s back,” Kidd said. “But that’s great because before Charles had the hitches, he was a really good golfer. And so I’m hoping that the rumors are true that he is back because he should enjoy it because the way he was playing he was not enjoying golf.”

Which other players can play? Kidd can. He’s a 6-handicap. Kidd also mentioned Andre Iguodala and Dan Majerle, and a couple of his fellow point guards — Chris Paul and Deron Williams. And Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers, whom Kidd worked for as an assistant this season, before recently being named the head coach of the Dallas Mavericks.

But Davis and Kuzma aren’t quite Curry. 

jason kidd and michael jordan
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“So Kuz is a golfer,” Kidd said. “Yes, he’s just learning how to play golf, which is incredible because he never gets frustrated, he’ll play five to six balls a hole, and he has par. Which is great.” 

“He gets it,” Stoltz said. “He’s a golfer. He’s a scratch already.”

“He’s the best,” Kidd said. “I love it because he’s trying something new. And then the other one you won’t guess is AD.” 

“I’d love to see AD,” Stoltz said of the 6-foot-10 Davis. “It’d be like a praying mantis swing. There’s a lot of limbs. That arc is going to be something fierce.” 

“Whoever gets ahold of him, to shorten up that arc, is going to turn him into a real golfer,” Kidd said. 

Watch the complete Subpar interview with Kidd above.

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