What gum does Tiger Woods chew during competition?

April 18, 2020
Tiger Woods gum

Tiger Woods’ ascension to the top of the golf world (again) has pointed many cameras back in his direction. Most of the time, you might notice, the man is chomping on some gum.

Woods chewed gum all throughout his 2019 Masters victory, and he might be onto something with it. Various studies have shown greater brain stimulation can occur when chewing gum.

Is Woods chomping CBD gum? That industry has exploded in recent years. Numerous golfers have dabbled in CBD oil through a chewing product, and some are even sponsored by CBD companies.

According to Eldrick, the gum is some type of Trident gum. Woods did a recent GOLFTV Q&A with fan-submitted questions, and when asked about the gum, he gave a less-than-convincing answer.

“Joey (LaCava, Woods’ caddie) has this, um, orange, I think, I believe it’s Trident,” Woods says to his longtime friend Rob McNamara. “I ended up getting hooked on it too because I like the sugar and the flavor. So yeah, that’s what Joey and I end up chewing to wake ourselves up.”

You can check out Woods’ answer to that below, as well as some other questions like “Who will be the best player of the 2020 decade?”

It’s probably worth noting, Woods doesn’t seem to be chomping on anything orange. Both at the Masters and at the 2019 Presidents Cup, Woods’ gum seems very much white. Are we fact-checking his claims about what gum he chews? Perhaps!

Tiger Woods at the Presidents Cup (left) and the Masters (right) in 2019.
Tiger Woods at the Presidents Cup (left) and the Masters (right) in 2019.
Getty Images

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