WATCH: Tiger Woods elated as son Charlie Woods makes first-ever eagle

tiger woods smiles

Tiger Woods grins ear to ear as Charlie makes first-ever eagle in competition.

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One of the great joys of golf is the many firsts you get to experience throughout your career. The first par. The first time you break 100. The first hole-in-one. No matter if you are a beginner or have been playing your whole life, there is always a new summit to be climbed.

And no matter who you are, every new first has its own unique special feeling. The only thing better than a first is getting to share it with someone you love. Viewers of the PNC Championship on Saturday got an inside look at one of the moments, between Tiger and Charlie Woods.

On the 3rd hole, Team Woods was sitting pretty in the fairway after Charlie’s drive on the par-5. Then the 11-year-old hit a 5-wood in the spitting image of his father, contorting his body to hook the ball onto the green within feet of the hole.

“Awesome shot!” Tiger exclaimed as the ball settled four feet from the cup.

Charlie then stepped up to the putt and rolled in the putt — the only eagle of the day — as Tiger grinned from ear to ear. It was Charlie’s first career eagle in competition.

“You can see, Justin, just how excited Tiger is,” NBC commentator Dan Hicks said.

“Your first eagle!” Tiger beamed.

The only thing better than experiencing a first in this game is sharing it with someone you love. Check out the entire sequence below.

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