WATCH: Phil Mickelson pulls off ultimate flop shot over man’s head

July 17, 2018

There are few things in golf more captivating than a Phil Mickelson flop shot. When Phil flops it, his golf ball seems to defy the laws of physics.

On Tuesday at the British Open, Mickelson pulled off perhaps his most incredible flopper yet. After getting in some practice during the day, the five-time major champion decided to have a little fun.

Mickelson had an unnamed bystander set up two feet away from his ball. As the guy stood still with his eyes closed and arms crossed, Phil faced him and took a mighty swing with one of his trusty wedges.

The ball would have easily gone 300+ if he had a driver in his hand. Instead, his open-faced wedge launched the ball skyward immediately, and somehow, some way, it got vertical quickly enough to clear the visibly nervous man’s head and fall back to earth behind him., as Mickelson doubled over laughing.

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Callaway Golf and The Open’s official account shared videos of the surreal trick shot on Twitter. Check it out from two different angles below.