Trump golf club pays millions to settle lawsuit with disgruntled former members

February 24, 2018

Donald Trump and his company are no strangers to lawsuits, but this time it’s hard to imagine they’re happy with the result.

On Friday, a class-action lawsuit filed by former members was finally resolved when Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Fla. agreed to pay them $5.45 million to settle the case, according to Reuters.

The former members claimed that Trump National Jupiter had refused to refund their deposits when they left the club.

A judge ordered the club to pay $5.77 million last year, but the new settlement allows both parties to avoid a lengthy appeal process.

The dispute began in 2012 when Trump changed the rules of the club that originally allowed departing members to continue to play golf until new members were found.

In the end, the judge declared that the club’s effectively canceled their memberships and, therefore, was required to refund their deposits.