USGA, R&A launch Distance Insights project to further study distance trends in the sport

May 15, 2018

The USGA and R&A announced on Tuesday the launch of the Distance Insights project, which will analyze distance in golf through a combination of feedback from stakeholders, third-party data and research. The results are expected in 2019.

The announcement comes two months after the USGA and R&A’s release of the most recent Distance Report, which found an average gain of three yards across the seven most prominent pro tours. The governing bodies deemed the added yards “unusual and concerning.” The PGA Tour, PGA of America and Acushnet later released separate reports in response to the Distance Report’s data.

“The topic of increased distance and its effects on the game have been discussed for well over a century,” said USGA CEO Mike Davis in a press release Tuesday. “We believe that now is the time to examine this topic through a very wide and long lens, knowing it is critical to the future of the game. We look forward to delving deeply into this topic and learning more, led by doing right by golf, first and foremost.”

According to the release, distance-related data on pace of play, golf course construction and design, equipment advancements and more will be studied for the project. Amateur golfers, pro golfers, course owners, equipment manufacturers, architects and superintendents are invited to assist the USGA and R&A with their research.

To submit your feedback, click here for the USGA, and here for the R&A, or email one of the governing bodies directly.