‘Just go ahead and keep it’: Tiger used to win so many trophies that he’d give them away

September 23, 2018

Tiger Woods holds a three-shot lead going into the final round of the Tour Championship. It’s a position he hasn’t been in in years. But as he fielded questions after Saturday’s round, he reminded the assembled reporters just how often he used to win.

When one reporter asked what he would do with the hardware he would collect from a potential win at East Lake, Woods smiled. “I have a lot of trophies, yeah,” he said. Where does he keep them?

“Around through my house, my mom’s, the foundation, some other places. I’ve donated a few to charities over the years. But yeah, I’ve won over 100 events as a pro, so there’s quite a few trophies here and there.”

Tiger Woods
We’re guessing Woods kept this trophy at the Memorial in 2009, but he acknowledged donating several to charity over the years.

The reporter countered with the logical follow-up: How does Woods decide which ones to keep and which to give away? “There was a bunch of times where I think I won either five or six times in a year, and some of the charities wanted to display it, and [I said] ‘Just go ahead and just keep it.'”

But Woods acknowledged that this one would be special. A Tour Championship and his first win in over five years? That’s a definite keeper. “It would be somewhere in the house if I happened to go on and win this event,” he said.